Wild grape sourdough starter



When I first began baking with sourdough, I remember hearing older bakers talk about creating a new starter by first burying wild grapes in the flour they planned to use. Wild grape sourdough starter, while it wouldn’t ultimately perform any differently than starter created with “un-graped” flour and water, would become active more quickly, they […]

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How to bake for good



Bake for good isn’t just an empty phrase here at King Arthur Flour. It’s something we do constantly, baking and sharing with one another, our local food pantry, and our fellow citizens at regular meals for the hungry. And we’ll be stepping up our efforts next month, since October is Bake for Good Month. Baking […]

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The very best pie apples



Which are the best pie apples? With apple-picking season hard upon us, it’s time to dust off your favorite apple pie recipe, sharpen your crust-rolling skills, and get ready to enjoy fall’s favorite dessert: apple pie. You may be tempted to make your pie from one of the six apple varieties that dominate the domestic […]

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Cooler weather means fall biscuits



A biscuit is just a biscuit — or is it? In summer, a bit of sugar and splash of vanilla turn biscuits into the perfect base for strawberry shortcake. And this time of year, a touch of spice and a hint of sweetness yield fall biscuits perfect for many a “pass the biscuits” occasion. Our […]

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Blue Ribbon Baking



The new Fall issue of Sift magazine opens with a collection of prizewinning flavors. We’ve collected some of the best state fair recipes we’ve ever tasted from all the fairs and contests we’ve sponsored over many years. Read on for our story, and for some of the winning entries.     Fair food isn’t all […]

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